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Endoscopy at the hospital. Doctor holdin

Endoscopy made safe and clean for patients, examiner and examination area

The Challenge

How to prevent endoscope associated infections?

Endoscopies offer minimal invasive means to examine and if necessary treat colon and stomach. However, infections due to contaminated endoscopes are considered by doctors, regulators (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and legislators (U.S. Congress). So far, the particular complex architecture of endoscopes prevented a 100% protection of the endoscopes against contamination. 

Manufacturers are using different strategies to tackle this problem: Some are using disposable parts to reduce the possibly contaminated reused parts. This reduces but does not prevent a contamination or cross-infection. Other manufacturers offer fully disposable endoscopes. These endoscopes are, however, either prohibitively expensive or do not offer the full quality for handling and vision provided by the current state of the art endoscopes.

The currently used state of the art endoscopes are best for their purpose. They just need a disposable protection.


Protecting endoscopes, examiners and surrounding against contamination

endocover provides a 100% protection against endoscope associated infections. It covers the endoscopes, both from the outside as well as in its internal channels. Moreover, due to the use of attached examination trousers, the surronding is protected against defilement. This closed system concept is even applied when using the working channel, e.g. when taking probes with the pincers.



  • endocover does not restrict or affect the use of the endoscope

  • endocover is easily and quickly applied 

  • when applied, endocover creates a fully closed system keeping any pollution contained 

  • the endoscope (outside or from within its channels) is never exposed to any contamination

  • neither the examiner, the patient (outside the endocover pants), the staff or the examination area are exposed to any contamination

  • even the probe can be extracted without soiling the endoscope or the environment

  • the normal cleaning process which is very time consuming, endoscope damaging and harmful to the environment, has to be conducted only occassionally instead of after each examination

ERCP and US (ultrasonic) endoscopy

endocover offers variants which provide the full protection also for ERCP and US endoscopes. In particular ERCP provides an additional challenge for customary cleaning. 


Current status 

es endomed solutions GmbH holds all rights to and patents for endocover. endocover is not yet available and has no CE or FDA certification yet. We are looking for partners which are interested in bringing the endocover to market with us.



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